FAQ | Flex-on® Equestrian equipment


Can we change the elastomers on our stirrups ?

No. They are assembled with screws, fixed with a precise tightening torque and locked with a threaded lock to ensure a perfect fit. This must be done in our workshop in France.


Which element can I change ?

If I want to, I can make my pair of stirrups evolve with:

  • New set of magnetic stickers
  • Footrest insert to renew or change your tread
  • Safe-on & Safe-on Junior retractable arm (as a pair or single)


What to do if I want to change my tread ?

The change from flat to inclined (or vice versa) is done in our workshop and is subject to the acceptance of an estimate beforehand.


Will the ultra grip insert damage the sole of my boots?

No : the steel used for the spikes is a “soft” steel that erodes over time and therefore does not impact on the sole of your boots.


How does the after-sales service work?

The after-sales service is open every Wednesday. Processing and shipping times are between 5 and 10 days. Depending on the nature of the problem, you will be given an estimate*.

The address : ZA Gaston Fébus, 4 rue Pierre Bourdieu – 64160 Morlaàs – France.

*Once received in our workshop, your stirrups will be in the careful hands of our expert fitters.  The price indicated in the pricelist may vary according to the condition of your particular stirrups and if the work will cost more, we will contact you by email before we start.


How does the Safe-on retractable arm work?

The arm acts like a safety fuse: in case of a fall where your weight pushes against it, the arm will pass over the « easy screw » and open to liberate your foot.

In case of extreme fall, the arm can break at the top : this is not a fault,  the primary goal being the release of the foot to ensure your safety.


How much does a retractable arm cost ?

15€ each (30€ per pair) and you can choose from 16 colours that you can match to your elastomers. You can change it yourself thanks to a spanner provided with your kit.