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Take care of your leather accessories with our Flex-on maintenance kit, which includes everything you need to keep your leather items in optimal condition.

This kit includes:

  • A glycerin-based soap made with glycerin and coconut oil. This soap is specially formulated to deeply clean the leather while nourishing and preserving it. It removes dirt, dust, and sweat residues, leaving the leather clean and supple.
  • A grease made 100% from natural products and beeswax. The grease deeply nourishes and protects the leather, helping to maintain its flexibility and durability. It’s ideal for preventing leather from drying out and deteriorating while giving it a beautiful appearance.
  • A leather and sheepskin glove, specially designed for applying grease and soap to your leather equipment evenly and effectively while providing a soft and pleasant touch.

The kit will be delivered to you in a Flex-on tote bag, allowing you to easily store all your care products and take them with you when you travel.

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