Customisation kit – Green Composite and Aluminium stirrups


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Step 2: Choose your model

Black blue Model "Black blue" Black brown Model "Black brown" Black burgundy Model "Black burgundy" Black Chocolate Model "Black Chocolate" Black Dark green Model "Black Dark green" Black Fresh Lila Model "Black Fresh Lila" Black Fushia Model "Black Fushia" Black Glacier blue Model "Black Glacier blue" Black green Model "Black green" Black Irish green Model "Black Irish green" Black light blue Model "Black light blue" Black light pink Model "Black light pink" Black Milkshake Model "Black Milkshake" Black navy blue Model "Black navy blue" Black orange Model "Black orange" Black pink Model "Black pink" Black plum Model "Black plum" Black purple Model "Black purple" Black red Model "Black red" Black yellow Model "Black yellow"
Silver glitter Model "Silver glitter" Gold glitter Model "Gold glitter"
Black Model "Black" Blue Model "Blue" Brown Model "Brown" Burgundy Model "Burgundy" Cyan Model "Cyan" Dark green Model "Dark green" Gold Model "Gold" Grey Model "Grey" Dark grey Model "Dark grey" Light Pink Model "Light Pink" Navy Model "Navy" Silver Grey Model "Silver Grey" Green Model "Green" Pink Model "Pink" Plum Model "Plum" Purple Model "Purple" Red Model "Red" Silver Model "Silver" Yellow Model "Yellow" White Model "White" Chocolate Model "Chocolate" Fresh lila Model "Fresh lila" Fushia Model "Fushia" Glacier blue Model "Glacier blue" Irish green Model "Irish green" Milkshake Model "Milkshake"
African Union Model "African Union" All Black Model "All Black" Algeria Model "Algeria" Argentina Model "Argentina" Australia Model "Australia" Austria Model "Austria" Bahrain Model "Bahrain" Belgium Model "Belgium" Bolivia Model "Bolivia" Brazil Model "Brazil" California Model "California" Canada Model "Canada" Catalogne Model "Catalogne" Chile Model "Chile" China Model "China" Colombia Model "Colombia" Costa Rica Model "Costa Rica" Czech republic Model "Czech republic" Cyprus Model "Cyprus" Denmark Model "Denmark" Dominican Republic Model "Dominican Republic" Egypt Model "Egypt" England Model "England" Europe Model "Europe" Finland Model "Finland" Florida Model "Florida" France Model "France" Germany Model "Germany" Great Britain Model "Great Britain" Greece Model "Greece" Guatemala Model "Guatemala" Hong Kong Model "Hong Kong" Hungary Model "Hungary" Ireland Model "Ireland" Israel Model "Israel" Italy Model "Italy" Iran Model "Iran" Jamaïque Model "Jamaïque" Japan Model "Japan" Kuwait Model "Kuwait" Lithuania Model "Lithuania" Luxembourg Model "Luxembourg" Malaysia Model "Malaysia" Mexico Model "Mexico" Morocco Model "Morocco" Netherlands Model "Netherlands" New Zealand Model "New Zealand" Norway Model "Norway" Oman Model "Oman" Paraguay Model "Paraguay" Pays Basque Model "Pays Basque" Peru Model "Peru" Philippines Model "Philippines" Poland Model "Poland" Portugal Model "Portugal" Qatar Model "Qatar" Roumania Model "Roumania" Russia Model "Russia" Singapore Model "Singapore" Scotland Model "Scotland" Slovakia Model "Slovakia" South Africa Model "South Africa" South Korea Model "South Korea" Spain Model "Spain" Sweden Model "Sweden" Switzerland Model "Switzerland" Taiwan Model "Taiwan" Thailand Model "Thailand" Tunisia Model "Tunisia" Ukraine Model "Ukraine" United Arab Emirates Model "United Arab Emirates" United States of America Model "United States of America" Venezuela Model "Venezuela" Wales Model "Wales" Yemen Model "Yemen"
Black silver Model "Black silver" Burgundy silver Model "Burgundy silver" Cyan silver Model "Cyan silver" dark green silver Model "dark green silver" Dark grey Silver Model "Dark grey Silver" Grey Silver Model "Grey Silver" Light pink silver Model "Light pink silver" Navy blue silver Model "Navy blue silver" Plum silver Model "Plum silver" Pink silver Model "Pink silver" Red silver Model "Red silver" Green gold Model "Green gold" Chocolate Silver Model "Chocolate Silver" Fresh Lila silver Model "Fresh Lila silver" Fushia Silver Model "Fushia Silver" Glacier blue Silver Model "Glacier blue Silver" Irish green Silver Model "Irish green Silver" Milkshake Silver Model "Milkshake Silver"
Cottage_Dark Green Model "Cottage_Dark Green" Cottage_Red Model "Cottage_Red" Cottage_White Blue Model "Cottage_White Blue" Cottage_White Green Model "Cottage_White Green" Cubic_Navy Blue Green Model "Cubic_Navy Blue Green" Cubic_Navy Blue White Model "Cubic_Navy Blue White" Cubic_White Black Model "Cubic_White Black" Cubic_White Green Model "Cubic_White Green" Flex_Dark Green Model "Flex_Dark Green" Flex_Navy Blue Model "Flex_Navy Blue" Flex_Red Model "Flex_Red" Flex_White Model "Flex_White" FR SPORT Model "FR SPORT" Gradient blue Model "Gradient blue" Gradient Pink Model "Gradient Pink" Gradient green Model "Gradient green" Gradient yellow Model "Gradient yellow" Leo chocolate Model "Leo chocolate" Liberty_Black Model "Liberty_Black" Liberty_Coral Model "Liberty_Coral" Liberty_Navy Blue Model "Liberty_Navy Blue" Pâquerettes Light pink Model "Pâquerettes Light pink" Pâquerettes Navy Model "Pâquerettes Navy" Safari fresh lila Model "Safari fresh lila" Safari black Model "Safari black" Trexon black Model "Trexon black" Trexon Brown Model "Trexon Brown" Trexon Silver grey Model "Trexon Silver grey" Valentine white Model "Valentine white"

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Flex-on® magnetic inserts

Customization choice

African Union, Algeria, All Black, Animal_Brown, Animal_Cyan, Animal_Pink, Animal_Yellow, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Black, Black blue, Black brown, Black burgundy, Black Dark green, Black glitter, Black green, Black grey, Black leather, Black light blue, Black navy blue, Black orange, Black pink, Black plum, Black purple, Black red, Black silver, Black yellow, Blue, Blue leather, Bolivia, Brazil, Brown, Brown gold, Brown leather, Burgundy, Burgundy silver, California, Canada, Carbon, Carbon France, Chile, Colombia, Corpo_Aluminium, Corpo_GC, Corpo_Hunter, Corpo_Safe-on, Corpo_Safe-on Junior, Costa Rica, Cottage_Dark Green, Cottage_Red, Cottage_White Blue, Cottage_White Green, Cubic_Navy Blue Green, Cubic_Navy Blue White, Cubic_White Black, Cubic_White Green, Cyan, Cyan leather, Cyan silver, Czech republic, Dark green, dark green silver, Dark grey, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Europe, Fenua_Cyan, Fenua_Dark Green, Fenua_Navy Blue, Fenua_Purple, Finland, Flash_Black, Flash_Cyan, Flash_Turquoise, Flash_White, Flex_Dark Green, Flex_Navy Blue, Flex_Red, Flex_White, Florida, FR SPORT, France, Germany, Gold, Gold glitter, Great Britain, Greece, Green, Green gold, Green leather, Grey, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Liberty_Black, Liberty_Coral, Liberty_Navy Blue, Liberty_Plum, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mad_Black, Mad_Blue, Mad_Green, Mad_Pink, Mad_Silver Grey, Mexico, Moorea_Blue, Moorea_Brown, Moorea_Dark Green, Moorea_Navy Blue, Morocco, Navy, Navy blue silver, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Orange, Orange gold, Orange leather, Paraguay, Pays Basque, Peru, Philippines, Pink, Pink carbon, Pink glitter, Pink gold, Pink leather, Pink silver, Plum, Plum silver, Poland, Pop_Black, Pop_Cyan, Pop_Orange, Pop_Pink, Portugal, Purple, Purple leather, Qatar, Red, Red glitter, Red leather, Red silver, Roumania, Russia, Scotland, Silver, Silver glitter, Silver Grey, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Venezuela, Wales, White, Yellow, Yemen

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