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Safe-On Junior Stirrups




The Safe-on Junior stirrup is designed for tomorrow’s little champions !

The Safe-on Junior stirrup has the same characteristics as its big brother, the SAFE-ON.
Resized for children, it combines comfort, performance and safety.
It integrates the shock-absorbing Flex-on safety system that is adapted to the young rider’s body. The single branch frame design will increase the comfort of our young riders. Notwithstanding, its releasable arm will reduce the risk of injury by setting the foot free in the event of a fall. The arm can then be reset manually.

Please note that the rider must under 40 kg to enable the trigger of the mechanism.

A selection of colours is available for each component from which you can chose to create your own personalised stirrups :

  • Frames:9 different colours
  • Footbeds:3 different colours
  • Schock absorbers:17 different colours
  • Arms:16 different colours
  • Magnet stickers:150 designs



  • Safe-on junior stirrup weight:550 g
  • Frame from environmentally-sourced polyamide materials.
  • Safety:

– Outer branch opens

– Releases the foot when the rider’s weight acts against it

– Recommended for riders under 40 kgs

Interchangeable kits:

– Coloured arms

– Magnetic stickers

Offset slot for the stirrups leather (encourages optimum leg position for better connection)

– Can be customised

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